Increase Sales with Responsive Email Design

July 23, 2013 Posted in Online Marketing, Web Design

Have you ever opened an email on your mobile device and immediately noticed how frustrating it is to view its contents? Often just to be able to read the text requires much zooming and scrolling—if your current email newsletter templates require your customers to do this, the frustration they experience could potentially be costing

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How Prototyping Saves Money and Delivers Better Results

July 10, 2013 Posted in Project Planning and Management

Building a new home requires a lot of research and review of plans, materials and display homes before construction begins. In the same way, prototyping helps you refine the details of your web or software project.
What is prototyping?
Prototyping is a tool that allows you to create cheap models of a complex system

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4mation Runs Training on Responsive Web Design

July 8, 2013 Posted in Mobile Web Development, Web Design

Our Creative team have been responsible for our internal training sessions in recent weeks and have just finished running a two-part training program on responsive design. Part One covered “The Theory and Concept Behind Responsive Web Design”. Part 2 was much more practical with a presentation on “How to Implement a Responsive Design”.

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4mation Technologies Is Proud to Be Listed as an Award Winner for BRW Best Places to Work 2013 Australia.

June 26, 2013 Posted in 4mation

4mation Technologies has ranked 29th in the BRW Best Places to Work 2013, a catalogue of the 50 best employers nationally.

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Does Your Business Run on Spreadsheets or a Simple Database?

June 25, 2013 Posted in Software Development

Many small businesses often start out recording data in spreadsheets or simple databases like Microsoft Access — information about products, clients, projects, sales, budgets, and  financial transactions. But just as your business eventually outgrows spreadsheets for financial data and progresses to a proper accounting package like MYOB, so too will you eventually outgrow your

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4mation Staff Profile: Scott Morris, Ongoing Support and Development Leader

June 25, 2013 Posted in 4mation

The bloggers at 4mation Technologies are starting a new series of staff profiles to introduce you to the people behind your websites and development projects! First off the ranks we have Scott, who is not only our Ongoing Support and Development Leader, but is also one of our longest-serving employees.

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The Hidden Costs of Outsourcing Your Web Development Offshore

June 24, 2013 Posted in Project Planning and Management, Web Development

Have you ever been tempted to outsource your web development offshore?
The promise of cheap hourly rates from offshore developers in India, China and the Philippines is a lure that many find hard to ignore. But what are the true costs of offshoring?
Many companies have attempted offshoring, and returned to quality Australian developers

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Zend Framework 2.0 Training

June 20, 2013 Posted in Software Development, Web Development

Last Friday, the 4mation staff took part in some internal training on Zend Framework 2.0. Our new development team and their Leader, Ollie Brennan, shared some of their ideas and their passion with the ongoing support and development teams about their framework of choice.
Zend Framework 2.0, or ZF2 as it is better known,

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4mation Braves the Rain for a Picnic in the Park

May 20, 2013 Posted in 4mation

Last Saturday marked the first inaugural Family Picnic Day for the 4mation Nation and their loved ones, who braved the inclement weather to enjoy a relaxed afternoon in Centennial Park. An alternative to 4mation’s usual end-of-month celebrations, it was a great opportunity to catch up with work friends and their families and enjoy

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Why Dedicated Testing Makes All the Difference

May 16, 2013 Posted in 4mation, Web Development

A recent article published by MaltBlue has stated that over 50% of a developer’s time is spent on finding and fixing bugs, at a worldwide cost of over $312 billion.
Much like the author of the article, Matthew Setter, many developers only consider testing as an afterthought. Perhaps they are overconfident and think their

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