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Helping our clients succeed through scalable web applications

We specialise in the development of custom web applications for business. We scope and develop valuable web applications that are reliable, adaptable and drive results. We work with leading organisations across Australia to achieve their objectives by building cutting edge web solutions.

Why 4mation delivers better web applications:

Specialists in Custom Web Applications

  • Experience: Hundreds of custom web application projects delivered since 2001
  • Team: 100% local team of 50+ , experienced, passionate, highly skilled specialists
  • Process: Mature, proven, development process that ensures a quality outcome
  • Understanding: We take the time to understand requirements, and tailor the perfect solution to fit.

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What we can do for you


With a team of over 50 highly qualified professionals, the specific skills required to make your web application succeed can be applied at the precise moment they’re needed. Our people care about outcomes, and can help you both plan and develop your next web application.

Make use of our full service offering, or select specific skills to complement your internal team’s skillset:


Typically, features our web application clients require include, but are not limited to:

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Our proven track record

We’ve been building web applications since 2001. Much has changed in this time, but our focus on quality development that achieves success for our clients has not. A lot of developers will make similar claims, but we have the happy, dedicated long term clients to prove it.

Trent Driving School

Trent Driving School - Custom Web Application
Their internal system used to manage students, driver trainers, bookings and payments was inefficient, losing business time and due for an overhaul.

Their previous developer was unable to deliver a solution so we were engaged to bring the project back on track, and complete it.

Through our efficient job management system, and thorough project management we delivered a highly effective web application and continue to provide ongoing support & development.

Since the successful delivery of this application we have since developed a tablet application and a new website complete with a custom online booking system.

“We place a high premium on Technology at Trent Driving School, in fact it is part of our long term strategy. 4mation has been a partner of Trent for many years now and has ensured that we remain at the forefront of our industry. I would happily recommend 4mation to any business that is looking for a developer to build or maintain their software.”

Stephen O’Sullivan, Trent Driving School

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Reliability via process and people
Our application development process is regimented, highly efficient and evolves. Based on 13 years of refinement over hundreds of successful projects, our process enables effective web applications to be delivered on time, on budget and bug free.

To ensure you’re always informed and in control, we communicate clearly, and regularly. We give you access to our market leading job management system – providing real-time access to the status of your projects and tasks.

There are two ways you can engage with us:

Single Project

If your need is for a one off project, with a defined scope, we can help.
We offer both agile and waterfall development methodologies, and can recommend which is most appropriate based on your business and project requirements.

Agile Innovation Packages

If your need is for a series of projects, to rescue a project that is underway, or to improve performance of an existing system, or to replace your internal development team, we can help.
Our agile innovation packages give you access to dedicated, specialist resources, and 24×7 real time access to view progress, priorities and planning.

Your Web Application

Scoping it for success
What will it cost? How long will it take? How easy will it be to use? Our solutions architects are here to answer these questions.
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