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Agile Gamification – Sprint Leagues

January 23, 2017 Posted in Agile Development, Project Planning and Management

Gamification is a real buzzword in the tech world at the moment. But with good reason, games make things more fun.

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What Is Your Digital Strategy?

December 23, 2016 Posted in 4mation, Digital Strategy, Integrations, Project Planning and Management, Technology

2016 saw a massive migration to the Cloud in IT infrastructure, with AWS and Azure the forerunners of the serverless trend.

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CRN Fast50 2016 4mation

Finalist in the 2016 CRN Fast50 Awards

December 2, 2016 Posted in 4mation, News, Social Media

Last night we attended the 2016 CRN Fast50 Award’s at Hyatt Regency in Sydney. This event bought together some of Australia’s best technology providers who proved they can outrun the non stop IT industry.

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Adobe Experience Manager: the Solution to All of Your Digital Marketing Headaches

November 29, 2016 Posted in Agile Development, Custom Websites, Digital Strategy, Technology

Are you using fragmented, ineffective websites and are looking for a unified digital marketing strategy across all platforms?

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Why Culture Can Make or Break Your Company

November 2, 2016 Posted in 4mation

There is a misconception that companies with great culture are full of hipsters working in a novelty office space, playing games all day. Yes, a company’s culture can be fun and unconventional, but having a great culture can be a way for you to drive your company to outperform your competitors.

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Why Perfection Is the Slow Way to Failure

September 28, 2016 Posted in Software Development

Are you at risk of losing time, money and your competitive advantage with your upcoming software development project?

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4mation Wins #3 In The 2016 Best Places To Work Study!

August 31, 2016 Posted in 4mation, News

We are proud to rank #3 in this year’s Best Places To Work Study, a catalogue of the 50 highest rated employers nationally. This is a huge win for us, and could not have been done without our incredible team and the ongoing support of our fantastic clients.

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Rapid Innovation, Are You Leading the Charge?

July 5, 2016 Posted in Technology

Are you a leader in your industry, blazing a trail of innovation and leaving competitors in your wake?

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5 Signs Your Development Team Is a Hindrance and Not an Enabler of Innovation

June 28, 2016 Posted in Web Development

Are you feeling constant pressure to deliver, but your development team can’t keep up with the pace of change? Are your competitors leaving you in the wake of their innovation?

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How Easy Is It for You to Innovate?

June 21, 2016 Posted in Technology

Do you find it challenging to implement new ideas and innovate? Is it hard to get budgeting approval from stakeholders in your organisation? It might be time to try rapid prototyping.

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